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ATTENTION PARENTS: There might not be a “BEHAVE” button for your kids, but you can press “PAUSE” on your parenting struggles for good with this non-traditional parenting model...
Get Step-by-Step Instructions From A Trained Parenting Professional
For How To Handle Even The Toughest Parenting Scenarios
(And The Tricky Emotions That Arise), So You Can Find Your Way
To Pure Joy In Your Parenting And Be The Parent You Want To Be!
It’s time to Press “PAUSE” on...
  •  the traditional parenting beliefs that are creating havoc in your relationship with your child. Let me teach you a
    joy-based parenting model instead - one that will allow you to experience more peace, cooperation, and pure joy in your parenting!
  •  feeling like a Drill Sergeant (and all the guilt, anger, resentment, and shame that arises as a result). Instead, learn how to respond when you feel like there’s nothing you can do to get your child to behave.
  •  the sweaty palms and anxious thoughts, wondering if you’re harming your child, “doing it right”, or setting your child up for success in “the real world.”
Do you feel helpless and powerless when you try to get your child to behave?

Does it seem like no matter how hard you try to be a conscious parent, you still feel like you’re a failure, struggling to get what you want out of your child and your relationship with your child?

Have you taken advice from friends, family...even experts on how to get your child to behave but no strategy, therapy, or medication seems to work?

Have you read tons of parenting books, but still find yourself getting angry and lashing out at your child—and then feeling guilty about it later?

Have you tried being empathic, naming feelings and being present, but still can’t control your rage when your child refuses to listen?
(and you’re not alone either)
The problem is you, as a normal human being, have pre-programmed biological survival strategies that take over when you face certain situations.

And they are keeping you from being the parent you want to be.

It’s also highly likely your mind has been conditioned to believe that the only way to get a child to behave is by controlling them—because that’s what your parents did.

But what if you knew the REAL SECRET to having a well-behaved child...and it had nothing to do with controlling their behavior?

What I’ve discovered is that children don’t behave badly because they want to or because they are bad children.

They’re just being children.

And the best way to stop bad behavior is to make them feel safe and understood.

That’s hard to do when you’ve been taught your whole life that children need to be punished for bad behavior.

I know because I was a struggling parent, just like you, who tried to control my child’s behavior so I could FEEL like I was being a good mother.

Unfortunately, this only resulted in feelings of:
  • Anger
  •  Fear
  •  Shame
  •  Guilt
Those Negative Parenting Emotions Forced Me To Look Inside Myself 
For A New Way Of Doing Things That Not Only Worked, 

What I discovered in my journey, and by tapping into my background as a psychotherapist, allowed me to create my own parenting model that has become known by thousands of parents around the world as:
The PureJoy Parenting Model
This non-traditional model has improved and brought harmony to many parent/child relationships since.

I’ll tell you more about how to incorporate PureJoy Parenting into your own life in a minute, but first, I want to share my story with you.

Because I want you to see how I was in the same place as you are right now....

...and show you how I was able to change MY behavior to create a relationship with my daughter that revolves around peace, cooperation, understanding, and love…so that you can feel inspired to do the same...
Let’s REWIND To When I Thought Parenting Was A Nightmare...
At the age of 44, I finally found the courage to become a mom.

Growing up in a very challenging relationship with my mom created intense anxiety inside of me about becoming a parent.

Even though I had a passionate desire to “be” different with my daughter, I found that when I was faced with so-called “negative” behaviors, I instantly felt the urge to parent the way I was parented.

When she threw temper tantrums, I’d…
  •  Yell at her for misbehaving
  •  Punish her for not handling the situation appropriately
  •   Blame her for not being a “good child”
  •  Secretly dream for the day when that “behave” button for children did exist
I needed her to behave so I could be seen as the wonderful mother I wanted to be.
After trying every behavioral technique I could find, I finally realized that my daughter’s undesirable behavior had a lot to do with mine.

Today, I now know and admit the hard truth that instead of maturely responding to my daughter in her time of need, I asked her to be the mature one.

While trying to control and manage her behavior (so I could relax and be the loving parent I wanted to be) I came to a deep and profound understanding—my child was responding to MY state of being.

Through my determination and a desire to “feel” better, I began to explore being with myself, and with my daughter, in a new way.

I discovered that when I took ownership of my feelings, she began to relax and open.

This began a long and exquisite journey to realizing I have the power within me to accept and love all of me.
It has also allowed me to love all aspects of my daughter. The door of love flew open and our relationship began to flourish.

Now You Can Benefit From My Experience And What’s Worked For Me So You Can Create Deeper Relationships With Your Children Too!
During the process of questioning my beliefs and supporting other parents in exploring theirs, I created Purejoy Parenting.  

With my background as a psychotherapist, I’ve spent a lot of time working with families, so it was a natural transition for me to develop and use my own coaching model. 

If you feel like:
  • You’ve spent countless time and money trying to “fix” your child
  • You’re struggling as a parent
  • There is nothing you can do to get your child to behave
  • Your lack of patience, your anger, and dissatisfaction as a parent is harming your child
  • Your acting in ways you don't like and you just want to be yourself again
  • You just want to fast-forward to a time when it’s finally easy
    (maybe even to a time when they are out of the house?)

As long as you are willing to put the metaphorical remote down and shift your focus away from controlling your child’s negative behavior to, instead, working with how you react to their behavior, then I know I can help you.
I can teach you how to relax and own all parts of yourself, so you can accept and enjoy your child instead of punishing, consequencing, or controlling them.  

Hopefully you can tell by now... I’m not your typical parent coach who is going to teach you how to control your child’s behavior so you feel “good” about yourself in the eyes of others.

I’m going to challenge you, question you, and show you the way to create the joyful home you desire.

Rest assured, I do this with kindness, tenderness, and plenty of tools to support you in uncovering your intuition to parent the way you desire, instead of listening to others.

I’ve helped many parents shift into a “joy-based” model of parenting and witnessed the amazing transformations in their home.

I’ll share some of those stories in a moment, but for now I’d like to invite you to join me on the journey to experience the pure joy I guarantee you is only a breath away.

Parenting: PAUSED!
This eight-week parenting course will teach you how to release control and create an emotionally safe home where everyone can feel seen, heard, cared for, and connected.
What You Get When You Join:

Parenting Course Online Material

“Parenting Paused” includes one lesson per week with videos, audios, and written material (so no matter how you learn best, we can accommodate for it)!
(Value $399)

Four Live Support Calls

“Parenting Paused” includes one live, interactive experience with me personally every other week, so you have an ear always listening and a heart always there to support you.
(Value $599)

Daily Audio Inspirations

“Parenting Paused” includes daily inspirational audios to keep you motivated, inspired, and energized during your parenting journey.
(Value $299)

24/7 Community Support and Guidance

“Parenting Paused” includes access to our private members-only support community, where you can connect with other parents who are consciously working to raise healthy kids and share your experiences (because it helps to know you’re not alone).
(Value $99)

Here’s a quick guide to some of the skills and strategies you will master in this course:
  • How to create a feeling of safety for both you and your child when emotions are high and the struggle is reaL
  • How to turn down the volume on those limiting beliefs that parenting with joy and ease is “hard” or “impossible”  (and how to finally feel hopeful and motivated in your parenting
  • How to understand your triggers and how to handle them when it feels like your child just won’t stop pushing your buttons
  • How to be receptive to new beliefs and discover the difference between feeling selfish and being selfish
  • How to set personal boundaries and ensure your emotional safety—and your child’s
  • How to use the power of kindness, instead of guilt and shaming, even when it feels hard (and six easy-to-learn practices that will make kindness a part of your daily routine)
  • How to communicate with your child using ‘Open-Hearted Relating” and be their ‘Guide’ (instead of their Drill Sergeant)
  • How to say “Yes” to YOU and continue on the path YOU have chosen
Here’s A Peak At Just Some of the Parents
Who Are Now Experiencing PureJoy In Their Parenting:

"Working with Leslie over the past four years has changed my life.

I never would have believed that the relationship I have with my kids, with my wife, and with myself, could have ever been going in such a positive direction, as it is now. Bottom line is if you want things to be better in your life, in your relationships, with your kids, and yourself, then work with Leslie."
— Chris M.

"I am a better parent and a better person, having worked with Leslie Potter.

I started when my daughter was around 9 and having ALOT of anger with me. Being a solo parent, there wasn't any place to hide when she would unleash her fury. I learned, quickly, simply, directly, how to manage myself during these moments and miraculously the shift in me changed everything with my daughter. She is now 16, and though no relationship is without its friction, my daughter and I have a very loving, communicative and connected relationship. Markedly more so than many of her friends. I still work with Leslie after all these years. She is a resource that I am so grateful to have in my life.” — Amy-Beth F.

“Working with Leslie for the last six years has changed my life in ways I can't begin to quantify.

 My kids were younger when I started and I have been able to navigate and hold myself and my children through some very challenging times. Now that I have a house full of teenagers, I love the people they have become, but most importantly I love the person I have become through parenting them in this way. Leslie has expertly guided me back to *myself* again and again. I love pushing the edges and the boundaries of what I thought parenting to be. What a beautiful way to be in a relationship with your child!” — Lara M.

Leslie has really been one of the best things I could have done for myself.

 I've followed Leslie's work for years but have only recently jumped in and joined one of her parenting inquiry groups. In the heat of things, I'd say I needed to save my relationship with my son but nothing is beyond repair—if I'm ready to put the work in. The work has to start with me. The Safe Seat practice is a tough but crucial one for me, and through that I'm actually improving my relationship with myself. Working with Leslie has really been one of the best things I could have done for myself. As an added bonus, it's made a world of difference in how I relate to my son. I can spend more time connecting with him than reacting to him.” — Kate B.

 I appreciated your supportive, loving presence throughout the course 

 Thank you soo much for this course. I loved it! I've been drawn to your work for a while but couldn't stretch financially to work with you more so I was really excited and appreciative to see the free course. So thank you for that. I found the course was a crazy combination of simple but super powerful. I loved having concrete things I could do to deepen the relationship with myself. Sometimes I try to do these things and feel a little lost but the course made it do-able. I appreciated your supportive, loving presence throughout the course - your unique voice coming through in the lessons as well as the audio inspirations and the calls. I definitely feel that through doing the course I have a better set of tools I can use to connect with myself and be better able to stay or become grounded in my interactions with my children. I've known for a while this parenting thing is all bout me but loved taking the time to learn strategies to really make that happen. --Tabitha B

"Thank You" for helping me on my journey to be the parent I want to be.

 I just wanted to send you a quick note to say "Thank You" for helping me on my journey to be the parent I want to be.  Having my mom visit has been an eye-opening experience! It took about 15 minutes before I started thinking of my mom as "bossy", because I felt like I had no voice and no control. It was an awful feeling, and I never want to make my daughters to feel like this.  I also now realize how much togetherness my mom and I are missing because I don't feel like I have a voice in our relationship. That is something I definitely don't want to lose with my girls.  So, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to parent in a way that is beneficial to both myself and my daughters!! The struggle to become that parent is oh so worth it!! --Christy N.

I not only enjoyed Purejoy Parenting: Be the Parent You Want to Be, but I also grew and transformed as a parent because of it. 

 I feel I not only enjoyed Purejoy Parenting: Be the Parent You Want to Be, but I also grew and transformed as a parent because of it. Throughout the course, I felt safely guided through memories and emotions that I wasn't expecting to visit, but now I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to access. In a few short weeks, I've moved from attempting to control my children, in many ways, to acknowledging and appreciating them for what they express and all of the behaviors they elicit. This has been such a huge shift for me! I've noticed how I've opened my heart to connecting with them in a whole new way -- a way that I always knew was possible, but one that I had NO IDEA how to implement before taking Purejoy Parenting: Be the Parent You Want to Be.
The foundational tool and practice that is taught early on in the course has had a far-reaching effect in my life. I can see using this tool as a means to transform and enhance not only how I relate to my three children, but also how I relate to everyone in my life. It is a simple, yet profound, practice that I can now use to know, love and appreciate myself more deeply in any situation and thereby view my children, spouse, family, friends, strangers -- everyone -- from a more authentic, compassionate and loving perspective.
Thank you, Leslie, for offering this amazing course. I felt truly seen, acknowledged and cared for as an individual from beginning to end. Purejoy Parenting: Be the Parent You Want to Be is going to help many people to shift and transform their parenting and their lives in loving and joyful ways. Caroline J

Leslie has inspired me to believe that I can truly be the loving parent I have always wanted to be. I am so grateful to her for sharing her experiences with mom's like me. I learned powerful lessons about myslef and who I am. I also gained confidence from what I learned and techniques that I can use to continue to build a beautiful relationship with my daughter. From the bottom of heart, thank you. Carling B

These Transformations Were Possible For Them,
Because The PureJoy Parenting Model Taught Them:
  • How to Implement Strategies for Creating Peace and Harmony In The Home  (learning these will make it easier for you to parent in the present!)
  • How to Console vs Control When Your Child Is Acting Up (no one taught you how to do this without punishing or rewarding your child)
  • Powerful Alternatives to Threats, Punishments, and Consequences (to bring out the best in your children, while still getting your needs met!)
  • The True Cause of Yelling & How to Turn Down The Volume On The Yelling (for a better relationship with your child—and with yourself!)
  • Why you feel threatened by your child’s aggression and what to do about it (Hint: retaliating is not the answer)
  • Why your biology will override your good intentions every time when you are triggered (and a simple, yet powerful method you can use to calm down and access the situation rationally)
  • Why trying to be a peaceful parent can lead to unhealthy aggression in your child (even though you would expect the opposite to be true)
  • Why if you feel like a good parent, you are most likely acting like a bad parent (and if you feel like a bad parent, you are most likely acting like a good parent!)
  • Why trying to improve or control your child is not going to create the type of relationship you long for, and how your emotional triggers are the real reason there is a barrier between your heart and your child’s.

Ready to Transform Your Parenting Too?

I’m confident you’ll absolutely love this course and that’s why I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you decide it isn’t for you, just contact me within 30 days and I will give you a refund.

Who is this for?
This course is for you if you have been working to change your parenting and yet always seem to end up in the same place. With this work you will be guided to open a new door which will lead you to being the parent you want to be.
How is this process different than other parenting courses?
 In this course instead of learning techniques to get your children to behave you will understand why you have such strong reactions to their “young” behaviors. You will learn how to work with those reactions inside you instead of controlling your child which will lead to a more connected conscious relationship with yourself and your child.  
How much time to I need to devote to the course? 
You will receive a lesson each week and can learn at your own pace. There will be 4 support calls during the 8 weeks. 
When does the program start, and how long does it last?
You will get your first lesson on Monday, January 29th and then 7 lessons each week after
How long will I have access to the program content?
Your program content will be life-time (as long as the course is available on line)
What is your refund or cancellation policy?
There is a 30-day money back guarantee 
Are you available for one on one sessions?
I have a few slots open for one on one support if needed and also lead small groups of 6 to 8 parents for further support.
Ready to Transform Your Parenting Too?